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1st Arbat Hostel from 14,60 Euro*
Basilica Hostel from 17,00 Euro*
  Bear Hostel from 11,00 Euro*
  Centr Hostel from 15,00 Euro*
Chocolate Hostel from 17,00 Euro*
Dmitrovka Hostel from 14,60 Euro*
Fabrika Hostel & Gallery from 13,40 Euro*
Godzillas Hostel from 12,50 euro*
Home from Home Hostel from 11,70 Euro*
Hostel Moscow 444 from 14,60 Euro*
Hostel - Museum Red Star from 10,00 Euro*
Hostel Shelter from 14,60 Euro*
Hostels Orange from 14,60 Euro*
Ideal Hostel Moscow from 14,60 Euro*
Kremlin Hostel from 7,50 Euro*
Mini Hostel 3 Penguins from 12,30 Euro*
Moscow Home Hostel from 11,90 Euro*
Napoleon Hostel from 12,30 Euro*
Oasis Hostel from 14,60 Euro*
O'Hostel from 15,90 Euro*
Rainbow Hostel Moscow from 12,30 Euro*
7 Sky Hostel from 13,40 Euro*
Suharevka Hostel and Mini Hotel from 10,00 Euro*
Transsiberian Hostel from 13,40 Euro*


*cheapest bed per person/per night


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