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Albergo Odisseo from 17,00 Euro*
Goodnight Hostel from 16,00 Euro*
Home Lisbon Hostel from 10,00 Euro*
Lisbon Calling Hostel from 18,00 Euro*
Lisb'on Hostel from 17,00 Euro*
Lisbon Old Town Hostel from 13,00 Euro*
Lisbon Louge Hostel from 18,00 Euro*
Lisbon Poets Hostel from 18,00 Euro*
Oasis Backpackers' Hostel from 13,00 Euro*
Pensão Praça da Figueira from 13,75 Euro*
Lisbon Chillout Hostel from 13,00 Euro*
Royal Lisbon Hostel
Shiado Hostel Lisboa from 13,00 Euro*
Travellers House from 18,00 Euro*
Unreal Hostel Lisbon from 13,00 Euro*
Yes! Lisbon Hostel from 12,00 Euro*



*cheapest bed per night/per person



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