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Artesya from 7,00 Euro*
By The Way Hostel from 9,60 Euro*
Cinema. Paradiso Hostel from 7,20 Euro*
Cinnamonhostel from 7,20 Euro*
Dizzy Daisy Hostel Poznan from 8,40 Euro*
Explorer Hostel Poznan from 12,00 Euro*
Frolic Goats Hostel from 7,20 Euro*
Fusion Hostel from 13,20 Euro*
Hostel-Cameleon from 13,20 Euro*
Hostel Poznań from 8,00 Euro*
Hill Hostel from 10,80 Euro*
Lawica Hostel from 9,00 Euro*
Melody Hostel from 12,00 Euro*
Pit Stop Hostel from 12,00 Euro*
Retro Hostel Poznan from 6,00 Euro*
Very Berry Hostel from 10,80 Euro*



*cheapest bed per night/per person




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