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Aqq Hostel from 9,60 Euro*
Ars Hostel Krakow from 10,60 Euro*
Aston Hostel from 8,70 Euro*
Blue Hostel Krakow from 10,13 Euro*
Bursa Jagiellonska Backpackers Hostel from 9,60 Euro*
City Hostel Kraców from 10,85 Euro*
Cracow Hostel from 9,60 Euro*
Dizzy Daisy Downtown Hostel from 7,20 Euro*
Elephant on the Moon Hostel in Krakow from 12,00 Euro*
Flamingo Hostel Cracow from 9,60 Euro*
Globart Hostel from 8,40 Euro*
Goodbye Lenin from 7,00 Euro*
Greg & Tom Junior Hostel from 13,70 Euro*
Hostel Atlantis from 7,20 Euro*
Hostel & Bar Giraffe from 9,60 Euro*
Hostel Deco from 9,60 Euro*
Hostel Yellow from 9,60 Euro*
Kadetus Hostel and Plus from 9,30 Euro*
Lemon Hostel from 6,70 Euro*
Let's Rock Hostel from 6,70 Euro*
Mama's Hostel Krakow from 9,60 Euro*
Momtown Hotel from 12,00 Euro*
Mosquito Hostel Krakow 
Mundo Hostel from 10,60 Euro*
Pink Panther's Hostel from 9,60 Euro*
Travellers Inn Hostel from 9,60 Euro*
Tutti Frutti Hostel from 9,60 Euro*
"U Zeweckiego" Hostel from 12,00 Euro*


*cheapest bed per night/per person

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