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Abex Hostel from 6,00 Euro*
Advantage Hostel from 15,69 Euro*
A Plus Hostel from 9,02 Euro*
Arpacay Backapackers Hostel from 7,45 Euro*
Chili Hostel Prague from 11,76 Euro*
Clown and Bard Hostel from 9,80 Euro*
Czech Inn from 11,00 Euro*
DD Hostel Praha from 13,73 Euro*
Hostel City Center from 11.76 Euro*
Hostel Elf from 10,00 Euro*
Hostel Emma from 5,00 Euro*
Hostel Downtown from 19,61 Euro*
Hostel Homer from 14,51 Euro*
Hostel Jednota from 13,92 Euro*
Hostel Junior from 20,39 Euro*
Hostel Marabou from 10,80 Euro*
Hostel Miles Prague 
Hostel&Pension Atlas from 11,76 Euro*
Hostel Prague Lion from 15,69 Euro*
Hostel Strahov from 8,82 Euro*
Hostel Tyn Prague from 13,73 Euro*
Little Town Budget Hotel from 15,00 Euro*
Little Quarter Hotel&Hostel from 8,00 Euro*
Miss Sophie's from 16,00 Euro*
Mosaic House from 12,00 Euro*
Old Prague Hostel from 10,90 Euro*
Plus Prague from 8,00 Euro*
Pompo Hostel Prague from 16,35 Euro*
Prague Airport Hostel from 13,00 Euro*
Prague Hostel Rosemary from 7,84 Euro*
Prague Square Hostel from 10,90 Euro*
Ritchie's Hotel&Hostel from 12,50 Euro*
Sir Toby's from 14,00 Euro*


*cheapest bed per night/per person




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