Cheap hostels in Sofia










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Andro Hostel from 12,50 Euro*
Art Hostel from 8,00 Euro*
Be My Guest Hostel from 10,00 Euro*
Canape Connection from 10,00 Euro*
Crosspoint Sofia Hostel from 10,00 Euro*
Economy Guest House from 10,00 Euro*
Galiani Hostel from 9,00 Euro*
Gulliver Hostel from 9,00 Euro*
Hostel Lavele from 9,00 Euro*
Hostel Lulin from 6,00 Euro*
Hostel Mostel from 10,00 Euro*
Hostel Shura from 8,30 Euro*
Internet Hostel Sofia from 8,00 Euro*
Levitt Hostel from 9,50 Euro*
Nightingale Hostel from 7,90 Euro*
Orient Express Hostel from 8,50 Euro*
Sofia Guest House from 9,00 Euro*


*cheapest bed per night/per person




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